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The B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast was created to bring sessions from Demand Gen Report’s top-selling events from the stage...to your ears. Released each week on Wednesday afternoons, we’ll spotlight an attendee favorite, with sessions touching on everything from content strategy, to account-based marketing, sales enablement and so much more. Subscribe to get exclusive insights from some of your favorite thought leaders and tactical takeaways from your peers.

Latest Episodes

Season 01, Episode 19
Featuring: Andrew Gaffney, Christine Elliot, Dave Bruno
For the season one finale of the B2B Marketing Exchange podcast, the Demand Gen Report team sits down with a few friends to reflect on how the event has grown and evolved. This jam-packed session, which is co-hosted by Alicia Esposito and Editor Klaudia Tirico includes three special guests: Andrew Gaffney, Editorial Director of Demand Gen Report; Christine Elliot, Global Leader, Demand Center and Content Strategy at JLL; and Dave Bruno, Marketing Director at Aptos. They discuss: The evolution of B2BMX, from…
Season 01, Episode 18
Featuring: Todd Henry, The Accidental Creative
Todd Henry has made a living from creativity. A creative type himself, he has spent the last few years helping companies and individuals prioritize creative thought in their increasingly chaotic lives. During this episode of the B2BMX podcast, we sit down with Todd to hear his perspectives on how B2B organizations are balancing the need for creativity and the need for quick and efficient workflows. He also reveals how this new reality has: Impacted…
Season 01, Episode 17
Featuring: Tamsen Webster, Find the Red Thread
Tamsen Webster has a heritage in marketing. With about two decades in the biz, she has held positions at Weight Watchers, Tedx and helped numerous marketers and brands uncover big ideas and tell incredible stories. Think B2B isn’t a space for creative stories? Tamsen will prove otherwise. During our conversation, she shares: The difference between a narrative and a story; How marketers can find what drives their business and their brand; and The common…
Season 01, Episode 16
Featuring: Jeffrey Shaw
Jeffrey Shaw has experienced quite the career evolution, starting out as a photographer and eventually becoming a brand strategist, speaker and author. Why the jump? According to Jeffrey, it’s all connected. During our sit-down, we talked about this connection and so much more. Listen in to get his thoughts on: Why marketers are still struggling to be audience-first; How technology can help, or hurt, marketing and sales strategies; and What trends he believes have…
Season 01, Episode 15
Featuring: Dave Bruno, Aptos
Events are a big investment. When designed and promoted effectively, they can drive big business value. But many times, events exist in a vacuum. When it’s all over, it’s never discussed again. During this presentation, Dave Bruno, Marketing Director at Aptos, explains how he implemented a completely new approach, using event content to fuel a multi-month content strategy and a series of programs. Embracing a new strategic framework, driving cross-functional collaboration and frequent communication…
Season 01, Episode 14
Featuring: Candyce Edelen, Andreas Hauke, Paul Casinelli
Over the past five years, we’ve seen video explode. What was once a blip on marketers’ radar has become an integral format to engage, educate and nurture buyers at all stages of the decision-making process. Why? Because buyers today crave content that’s not just helpful and valuable; they want content that’s easily to consume and react to. During this panel discussion, Candyce Edelen of PropelGrowth, Andreas Hauke of Hauke Digital, and Paul Casinelli formally…
Season 01, Episode 13
Featuring: Mark Bornstein, Nick Mann, Lisa Kenney
Netflix hasn’t just transformed the way we consume media…it’s changed the way we expect to interact with all brands. Whether they’re making a purchase for their homes or their businesses, your buyers expect seamless access to timely, relevant and compelling content. As a result, marketers must adapt their strategies, collaborating with content and demand gen colleagues to design programs and content pieces that support these new needs. During this compelling panel conversation, Mark Bornstein…
Season 01, Episode 12
Featuring: Bailey Roberts, Daniel Lambert, Brian Anderson
B2C brands have relied on direct mail for decades, but the trend is re-emerging in B2B in new and exciting ways. Brands across industry verticals are incorporating direct mail into their marketing and sales strategies, especially in their account-based marketing (ABM) efforts. But what are the keys to success for this medium? During this in-depth discussion, a panel of experts delve into real-life examples of how they have used direct mail to create personalized…
Season 01, Episode 11
Featuring: Jeremy Middleton, Pramata Corporation (Formerly)
What does a high school physics and chemistry teacher know about marketing? Plenty, clearly. In his two first years at Pramata Corporation, Jeremy Middleton, Senior Director of Digital Marketing & Revenue Operations, helped the company focus less on the volume of website traffic and the quality of buyer interactions. With a focus on creating awareness and engagement around a new, incredibly niche category, Middleton and his team adopted an ABM strategy that encompassed the…
Season 01, Episode 10
Featuring: Brian Fanzo, Alicia Esposito, Brian Anderson
Brian Fanzo is a Millennial that has seen it all. Coming from a cybersecurity background and working almost a decade with the Department of Defense, you’d never expect the guy to become one of the industry leaders in promoting brand authenticity and creating a true fanbase within your customer community. As a self-proclaimed “change evangelist” Brian has been helping B2B brands take a step back and address the elephant in the room: empathy and…
Season 01, Episode 09
Featuring: Wes Lieser, Versique
B2B organizations are fighting to win top talent. Part of the challenge lies in generating interest among a pool of qualified candidates. However, most B2B firms struggle to identify the candidates with the right skills for specific jobs. Wes Lieser of Versique has been around the block, helping companies tackle their hiring and employee retention woes. During his session at B2B Marketing Exchange, he spotlights the common challenges B2B organizations face at all stages…
Season 01, Episode 08
Featuring: Laura Ramos, Forrester
Buyers today are self-educated and self-guided. They want tools and insights aligned to where they are in the customer lifecycle, but are B2B brands giving them what they need? Laura Ramos, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, delves deep into buyer expectations, and how marketers can embrace empathy to create content and experiences that are: Human; Helpful; and Handy. But accomplishing the three H’s doesn’t just require creativity; it requires rethinking the way your…

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