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The B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast was created to bring sessions from Demand Gen Report’s top-selling events from the stage...to your ears. Released each week on Wednesday afternoons, we’ll spotlight an attendee favorite, with sessions touching on everything from content strategy, to account-based marketing, sales enablement and so much more. Subscribe to get exclusive insights from some of your favorite thought leaders and tactical takeaways from your peers.

Latest Episodes

Season 01, Episode 10
Featuring: Brian Fanzo, Alicia Esposito, Brian Anderson

Brian Fanzo is a Millennial that has seen it all. Coming from a cybersecurity background and working almost a decade with the Department of Defense, you’d never expect the guy to become one of the industry leaders in promoting brand authenticity and creating a true fanbase within your customer community. As a self-proclaimed “change evangelist” Brian has been helping B2B brands take a step back and address the elephant in the room: empathy and trust is what brands need to succeed.

We sat down with him for an up-close-and-personal look into the life of one of the most prominent thought leaders on the speaking circuit today. We learned about what brought Brian into the industry, as well as how he has taken what he has learned and observed over the years to help brands build authentic relationships with their customers.

Listen in to learn about:

  • Brian’s experience in industries ranging from the U.S. government to his work with high-tech enterprises;
  • Brand authenticity and how that is making and breaking B2B deals;
  • Understanding the Millennial mindset to communicate with potential customers on their terms;
  • Having authentic relationships with customers that can turn them into brand advocates; and
  • Using that relationship to fuel go-to-market initiatives via tactics such as influencer and customer marketing.
Season 01, Episode 09
Featuring: Wes Lieser, Versique

B2B organizations are fighting to win top talent. Part of the challenge lies in generating interest among a pool of qualified candidates. However, most B2B firms struggle to identify the candidates with the right skills for specific jobs. Wes Lieser of Versique has been around the block, helping companies tackle their hiring and employee retention woes. During his session at B2B Marketing Exchange, he spotlights the common challenges B2B organizations face at all stages of the hiring process and how they can:

  • Create job roles that align with tasks and objectives;
  • Improve interviewing and onboarding processes; and
  • Building a top-notch marketing team.
Season 01, Episode 08
Featuring: Laura Ramos, Forrester

Buyers today are self-educated and self-guided. They want tools and insights aligned to where they are in the customer lifecycle, but are B2B brands giving them what they need? Laura Ramos, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, delves deep into buyer expectations, and how marketers can embrace empathy to create content and experiences that are:

  • Human;
  • Helpful; and
  • Handy.

But accomplishing the three H’s doesn’t just require creativity; it requires rethinking the way your team thinks and operates.

Season 01, Episode 07
Featuring: Pam Didner & Alicia Esposito

Pam Didner is no stranger to the B2B world. With a career that spans approximately two decades, Pam has walked in the shoes of content strategies, digital marketers, marketers and even sales leaders. At every phase of her career, she has discovered new ways to hone her craft and expand her areas of expertise, helping her become a go-to resource for B2B practitioners trying to keep pace in this ever-changing landscape. We sat down with her for an intimate discussion to go through the key things she’s learned and what recommendations she has for executives striving to build their credibility and influence in their organizations and beyond.

Get more valuable insights from Pam:

Season 01, Episode 06
Featuring: Maureen Maggioni, Salesforce Pardot

What better way to prepare for 2020 than to reflect on the top trends of 2019? And let’s be real, 2019 had it’s fair share of trends reaching their full potential, while others generated a lot of hype. During this episode, Maureen Maggioni, Director of Salesforce Pardot Product Marketing, will reveal:

  • The top 5 trends of 2019;
  • How B2B organizations perceive and, in turn, are adopting these trends; and
  • Why a unified customer view is the “secret sauce” for success

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Season 01, Episode 05
Featuring: Tina Dietz, Dave Bruno, Cara Hogan

One in three Americans now listen to podcasts weekly. While there are millions of series available across podcasting outlets, from Spotify to Apple to SoundCloud, B2B brands have the opportunity to stand out by reaching buyers intimately through their speakers. But it’s not just about starting a show and waiting for the subscriptions to roll in. B2B marketers must take a strategic approach to podcast planning so it integrates into a much larger, buyer focused strategy. Learn how three marketers did just that in this panel, featuring:

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Season 01, Episode 04
Featuring: Chris Mitchell, Carbon Black

In 2017, Carbon Black didn’t have a nurture campaign. As a result, the buyers who engaged with a piece of content and went on to talk to sales had little to no understanding of what Carbon Black was and how it could help address their pain points. The company built a multi-touch, immersive nurture strategy from the ground up, leading to a 388% improvement in SQL conversions. Hear how they did it by listening to this session from the B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange.

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Season 01, Episode 03
Featuring: Kevin Dorsey & Jared Jost of PatientPop

Creating a powerful demand gen engine isn’t just about mastering the art of inbound. And you certainly can’t just rely on outbound. PatientPop is a great example of a company that mastered the art of allbound—a combination of both approaches—to improve sales and marketing alignment and maximize their revenue results. During this session, you’ll hear from both sales and marketing about how they mastered this approach by having tough conversations and taking a hard look at their existing processes.

Season 01, Episode 02
Featuring: Sangram Vajre, Terminus

Sangram Vajre is one of the founding fathers of account-based marketing. Leading up to his latest book, “ABM Is B2B,” Sangram walked attendees through why this is the case, and how marketing is sort of like parenting. It may seem like a stretch, but the Terminus co-founder uses some real-life examples to make his case.

Season 01, Episode 01
Featuring: Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing

B2B marketers are dealing with a big trust problem. Their buyers are hungry for credible content that’s supported by reputable third parties, from analysts to authors and other industry influencers. At the same time, they want marketers to tell these stories in a captivating way. It sounds like an impossible feat, but Lee Odden, Co-Founder and CEO of TopRank Marketing breaks down how your brand can break free of boring B2B with interactive, influencer content.

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