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The Killer Content Awards

Spotlighting the Brands that Refreshed, Remixed and Revived Their Content Strategies

Let’s be real: 2020 was a bit of a hot mess. We all had to adapt in some way, whether it was changing where and how we worked, dealing with cut budgets or responding to new, more aggressive goals.  
But when the going got tough, B2B marketers and content creators got going!  
With the 2021 Killer Content Awards, we’re celebrating the brands that rose to the occasion, still creating compelling and innovative campaigns despite all the chaos. Nominations are now open and we can’t wait to see all the new, innovative campaigns and approaches that came to fruition over the past year.  

Want your brand on the list?

Every year, the B2B Marketing Exchange garners hundreds of nominations from companies across industry verticals and of all sizes and marketing approaches. After the nominations phase closes, our editorial team will narrow down the pool to a list of finalists. Our executive team will then assess the finalists and select winners.  
Don’t miss the opportunity to be spotlighted in our annual Killer Content Awards report and across our various event and content propertiesThis year, we’ll be celebrating virtually through an exclusive awards ceremony. 

Early-Bird Deadline:
January 22nd, 2021, 6:00 PM ET

Entry Fee: $199

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The Categories

Account-Based Marketing Campaign

Content and campaign experiences tailored to key accounts and segments.

Audio Content

Podcasts have become a hot format for B2B companies. This category spotlights the brands who have seen killer results with their series and are testing new, immersive storytelling approaches.

Buyer-Focused Content

Examples of impactful and memorable buyer-focused content and/or stories of how brands have successfully transitioned from product-focused content to a buyer-focused strategy.

Channel Partner Marketing

Brands that have created content designed to go to partners in order to generate greater revenue through the channel.

Design Concept/Theme

A piece of content or broader campaign that tacks onto a current event/trend or leverages a creative visual approach/theme to capture buyer attention.

Influencer Campaign

Short- and long-term initiatives that have successfully leveraged industry thought leaders and experts to generate brand awareness and word of mouth.

Interactive Content

Creative and successful approaches to interactive content formats, such as quizzes, assessments, reports and more.

Multi-Touch Campaign

Innovative approaches to multi-channel or omnichannel campaign design that leverage compelling content that resonates with buyers on a deeper level and spurs action.

Nurture Campaign

Nurture campaigns and associated content that deliver stellar results in terms of leads generated, opportunities created and deals closed.

Packaged/Bundled Content

Content that is packaged together or curated to create an immersive – and even personalized – content experience.

Publisher Partnership

Successful content and derivative resources created in partnership with a third-party publisher or publication.

Research-Based Content

Content or campaigns crafted based on proprietary or third-party research.

Sales Enablement Content

Powerful and creative approaches to content and campaigns used to inform and empower internal sales teams. Stellar results a plus.

Short-Form Content

A creative and compelling approach to any short-form asset, such as an infographic, video, quiz, and checklist, among others.

Video Content

Standalone videos and/or a video series that tells a compelling story from the brand or buyer’s perspective and successfully drives awareness for a brand or specific product.

B2B's Choice Award

The B2B's Choice Award goes to a nominee who receives the most votes from their peers for their submission from any category. Voting for the B2B's Choice Award opens in early February.

Meet The 2020 Winners Who Attended #B2BMX

Finny Fast Facts

Want to learn more about the Killer Content Awards? Below are some of the most frequently asked questions our team receives, and answers to those questions. Not seeing your question on the list? Drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to help!

Early-Bird Deadline: 

March 26th, 2021, 6:00 PM ET
Submission Cost: $199

Final Deadline: 

April 30th, 2021, 6:00 PM ET
Submission Cost: $299

There are 14 categories in all, in addition to our new B2B’s Choice Award. You can submit nominations for the following categories:  

  • Account-Based Marketing Campaign
  • Audio Content  
  • Buyer-Focused Content 
  • Channel Partner Marketing 
  • Design Concept/Theme 
  • Influencer Campaign 
  • Interactive Content 
  • Multi-Touch Campaign 
  • Nurture Campaign 
  • Packaged/Bundled Content 
  • Publisher Partnership 
  • Research-Based Content 
  • Sales Enablement Content 
  • Short-Form Content
  • Video Content

Please note that final winner selections and categories will vary based on overall response to a specific category. If we believe your content is Finny worthy, but would better fall in a different category, we’ll be in touch!  

Nope! We encourage all marketers to submit their most impressive work, whether that’s one asset or 10. However, note that the nomination fee only applies to one submission, and you can only select one category per nomination submission. 

We will plan to announce the winners one-on-one ahead of time so people can plan to attend the ceremony during our June #B2BMX event in Scottsdale. Keep a close eye on your email inbox because we’ll be sending you relevant news and updates leading up to the big reveal.

Our goal is to give our audience and attendees the power to select the winner for this new award. We will open voting for our community to decide which brand deserves the accolade. The winner will be announced during the 2021 Killer Content Awards ceremony online.

For one, we will spotlight all winners attending the Killer Content Awards ceremony with a sweet presentation. We also have our Killer Content Awards report and press release, which will be launched after the ceremony. Itching for more ways to spread the word about your marketing mastery? During our Killer Content Showcase Series, we dive deeper into Finny-winning content and campaigns with the folks who created them!

While we look at key performance indicators and other results, such as total revenue or number of leads generated, that’s not the only way we find our Finny winners. We want to spotlight innovators, free thinkers and people who take risks with their content marketing. We strive to spotlight brands that try new things, implement fun themes and use new formats and platforms to create compelling content experiences. There truly are no limits as far as we’re concerned, so hit us with your best shot! The only “rule” is that your brand has a business-to-business operation.

We’re glad you asked! We’ve spotlighted Fortune 500 companies and small startups alike. You can see some of our previous winners by clicking on our different Killer Content Awards reports:

Finalists and winners get free access to the #B2BMX event and Killer Content Awards ceremony! If you’re interested in attending the 2021 #B2BMX in Scottsdale this June, sign up to get updates on registration details and fees.

We’re still looking for compelling speakers to fill our 2021 agendas, both online and in person. Think you have what it takes to resonate with our 2,000+ attendees? Fill out a speaker submission form.

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