The Results Are In: Which B2B Marketing Trend Will Dominate 2025?


Last week, we asked for your input on the top B2B marketing trends for 2025, and the B2B marketing community responded with clear conviction. After reviewing the results from our social media polls on LinkedIn, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter), we are excited to reveal the trends that you believe will shape our industry in the coming year, and to share more about how these the winning theme will take shape at the B2B Marketing Exchange East conference in October.  


The Winner: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With a clear lead, AI emerged as the top trend for this coming year. As technology continues to evolve, AI is revolutionizing B2B marketing by automating processes, providing deep insights through data analysis, and enabling personalized customer experiences at scale. It’s no surprise that the marketing community recognizes its transformative potential. 


AI Topics In The #B2BMX East Agenda

To harness this momentum, we’re kicking off #B2BMX East with an AI-focused keynote featuring B2B Marketing Consultant, Author and Speaker Pam Didner. During this interactive session, attendees will learn how to integrate AI for improved lead-generation outreach, automated demand gen workflows, and content that converts. 

On Wednesday, award-winning AI Strategist Daniel Englebretson will share actionable strategies to integrate AI into your marketing efforts, enabling highly relevant, authentic, and contextual campaigns. Attendees will learn to foster a mindset shift towards AI collaboration, adapt marketing strategies to leverage AI capabilities, and develop an AI toolkit to boost team productivity by 100x while maintaining authentic human connections. 

More B2B Marketing Trends For 2025

Second Place: Hyper Personalization

Coming in second, Hyper Personalization is a crucial strategy for B2B marketers looking to create meaningful and engaging experiences. With advanced data analytics and AI-driven tools, marketers can deliver highly tailored content and interactions, which are essential for building strong customer relationships and driving engagement.

Third Place: Content SEO Strategy

Content SEO Strategy secured third place, highlighting its ongoing importance in ensuring that marketing efforts reach the right audience. As search engines become more sophisticated, having a robust SEO strategy that includes understanding user intent, optimizing content, and leveraging multimedia formats is key to maintaining visibility and authority.

Fourth Place: Cookie-less Era

The Cookie-less Era rounded out the list, reflecting the growing concern around privacy regulations and the phasing out of third-party cookies. While this presents challenges, it also offers opportunities to innovate with first-party data and consent-based marketing, ensuring that marketers can continue to target and engage audiences effectively.

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We will be diving deeper into each of these trends at B2B Marketing Exchange East this October in Alpharetta, Georgia. Our sessions and workshops will explore how to leverage AI, master Hyper Personalization, refine Content SEO Strategies, and navigate the Cookie-less Era. Don’t miss out on the chance to gain insights and strategies that will keep you ahead of the curve in the new year. 

Join us at #B2BMX East October 1-3 to gain a deeper understanding of these critical trends and network with industry experts. Register for your pass today before summer rates end on July 12! 

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