Season 05, Episode 14

Single Lane Ahead: The Convergence of ABM & Demand

Featuring: Steven Casey, Forrester

*Forrest Gump voice* Demand Gen and ABM are like peas and carrots.

While the strategies were on separate journeys to support their own business goals, Forrester is forecasting that the two will become a converged ecosystem as demand gen and ABM marketers refine their goals and realize the overlapping nature.

For this week’s episode of the #B2BMX podcast, we’re replaying Steve Casey’s session from #B2BSMX that delves into the ins and outs of demand gen/ABM convergence and provides a roadmap of the journey marketing teams can take to combine the two.

Throughout his presentation, Casey explains:

  • The key trends B2B marketers need to understand to plan for this convergence;
  • The people, process and technology considerations that will help marketers prepare for the road ahead; and
  • Arm marketers with the roadmap to support their journey through the demand gen/ABM landscape; and
  • Much more!



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