Courtney Beasley

Season 9, Episode 11

Remedies For Misaligned Marketing & Sales Teams

Featuring: Courtney Beasley, a long-time B2B marketer and Founder of cobe marketing

(Spoiler Alert: It Starts With Relationship Building)

The challenges of sales and marketing alignment are a tale as old as time. While research shows the gap is closing, many organizations have yet to master the art of cross-organizational alignment and collaboration. But what if we told you there are a few simple things you can do to work in better harmony with your fellow customer-focused marketers, sales reps and everyone in between? 

During an interview on the show floor of the 2023 B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange in Boston, Mass., host Kelly Lindenau sat down with Courtney Beasley, a long-time B2B marketer and Founder of cobe marketing, a Fractional CMO provider for B2B companies and startups, to pick her brain on sales and marketing alignment, as well as ABM and the intersection of the two. 

Beasley is a longtime member of the Demand Gen Report and B2BMX community with a solid resume of VP and C-level marketing roles under her belt at companies such as Walker Sands, United Way of Greenville County and FUEL for brands. She brings 15 years of experience helping companies develop a brand that resonates and fuels customer interest. During the interview, Beasley shares:

  • How there is often a break in trust and communication patterns, resulting in poor alignment across organizations; 
  • Why the first thing to fix is the “relationship building” aspect of alignment; 
  • Why there is no better way to align items than through ABM; 
  • The key characteristics of successful ABM programs; 
  • How to identify and define the right ABM strategy for your organization; and
  • Much more.


Tune into this candid and fun interview to get quick and easy tips toward true alignment. 



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