Season 05, Episode 10

Don’t Be Afraid To Embrace The Messiness Of The 2020s

Featuring: Marcus Sheridan

With 33% of buyers preferring seller-free buying experiences, organizations must strike the balance between offering self-service options while still connecting with their buyers — something the majority are struggling to do.

In the latest episode of the #B2BMX podcast, Host Klaudia Tirico sits down with one of #B2BMX’s featured speakers Marcus Sheridan, who’s scheduled to deliver a keynote and host an exclusive workshop in Scottsdale. The pair discuss the ever-changing world of virtual, hybrid and in-person events, address the challenges presented by seller-free buying journeys and tease Sheridan’s sessions in Scottsdale.

Throughout their conversation, Sheridan provides a sneak peek into the topics he’ll address in his keynote, such as:

  • The three tools organizations need on their websites to supplement buyers’ desires for self-service journeys;
  • How to create a hybrid event that incentivizes in-person attendance without compromising quality for virtual attendees;
  • Tips and tricks to establish rapport with buyers as they self-navigate through their journeys;
  • The divides and hurdles that are still keeping sales and marketing from achieving total alignment;
  • The five questions that move the needle for content engagement; and
  • Much more!

To ensure you don’t miss out on any of Sheridan’s nuggets of wisdom, take advantage of our exclusive #B2BMX podcast code (B2BMXPOD) to receive 50% off your ticket. What are you waiting for? Register now!


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