Season 05, Episode 15

Breaking Through The Digital Noise: Content That Wows Audiences

Featuring: Stefanie Larue, Lindsay Tjepkema, Leigh Dow

What makes audiences tick and click these days? In an overly saturated, digital-first world, generic, long-form content simply won’t cut it. It’s time to think outside the box and truly get creative to debunk the myth that B2B is boring once and for all.

That’s exactly what this panel of all stars discussed at B2BMX in Scottsdale last week. In this special edition episode, host Klaudia Tirico took the B2BMX stage with Stefanie Larue, Digital Marketing Manager at Dade Systems, Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO & Co-founder of Casted, and Leigh Dow, VP of Global Marketing at Identiv to talk all things content — what’s working, what isn’t, how to measure it all and everything in between.

Specifically, the panel covers:

  • The trends dominating content experiences in 2022 and beyond;
  • New mediums that are both thought-provoking and fun to digest;
  • How to create audio and video content on a dime;
  • What type of content works well for various stages of the buyers journey;
  • To gate or not to gate;
  • How to measure the success of your content and leverage engagement insights to enhance content offerings; and
  • Best practices for repurposing content.

Plus, you’ll get specific insights on Identiv’s Killer Content Award winning video campaign inspired by a Tom Cruise lookalike on TikTok!

If you’ve got serious #B2BMX FOMO, you can get the full experience online! Use the code B2BMXPOD to snag a virtual seat and get access to all the sessions from the show!



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