Adopting An Audience-Centric Messaging Strategy: New Models For Buyer-Focused Storytelling

Still the foundational track for the entire event, Content2Conversion provides a mix of real-world case studies on new content formats and campaign strategies. Attendees will learn new ways to create more visual content, and also extend the life of existing content to create on-demand experiences that allow buyers to easily self-navigate through their journey.

Specific sessions will look at how B2B brands are using events as building blocks for their messaging, using interactive formats to engage buyers and improving the ROI of their content efforts through deeper insights on their core audiences.


Session Title:
Content Transformation: The Back Story on Audience Centricity

Phyllis Davidson


Session Title:
Embracing Buyer-Focused, Visual Storytelling: How OpenText Transformed Its Content Marketing Approach

Ericka McCoy


Session Title:
Content ROI: Put Your Metrics Where Your Mouth Is

Katie Thornton

Datto, Inc.

Session Title:
Extending Events Into Content

Dave Bruno


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