Channel Marketing—
To-, Through- & For-Partner Marketing Strategies.

In this new track, we’ll feature some of the top thought leaders in channel marketing, addressing specific tactics and best practices for:

  • “To-Partner” Marketing—Models for recruiting, onboarding and optimizing your partner channel to drive revenue and improve customer experience.
  • “Through-Partner” Marketing—How advanced B2B brands are empowering channel partners with targeted programs, as well as how they are generating leads, tracking results and tying them back to ABM programs.
  • “For-Partner” Marketing—Use cases and prescriptive guidance on how channel-focused organizations are enabling their partners with customized content and co-branded offerings.


Session Title:
Optimizing Through-Partner Marketing

Maria Chien


Session Title:
To Through & For Partner Marketing

Laz Gonzalez

Zift Solutions

Session Title:
Applying Personas and Message Maps to Optimize Channel Marketing

Jen Spencer

SmartBug Media

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