West Monroe’s Pandemic-Proof Marketing Playbook

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West Monroe was in the midst of a rebrand and in high-growth mode. Then … the pandemic hit. But that didn’t stop CMO Casey Foss and her team from doing incredible things. 

During the peak of the pandemic in 2020, Foss and her team were tasked with not just competing with big-dog consulting firms, but with pivoting campaigns and brand direction based on new client realities and industry disruptions. During this episode of the B2BMX Podcast, you’ll hear candid thoughts, lessons and takeaways from Foss. 

“If the organization wanted to compete against the big guys, we needed to invest in a brand,” Foss said. “That investment would ultimately allow us to generate demand and put our marketing investments to work.”

You’ll also gain insights on how your team can: 

  • Marry brand and demand to take innovative approaches to thought leadership content, events and advertising;
  • Develop a growth marketing mindset by leveraging predictive capabilities and intent data to increase marketing efficiency and expand share of market; and 
  • Stretch dollars within refined market segmentation by leveraging account-based marketing. 

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