Parks And B2B: Which Type Of Marketer Are You?

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Every organization is made up of a cast of characters, each person bringing their own set of skills to the table. And B2B marketing is no exception. Some B2B marketers can come up with campaign ideas at the drop of a hat, some are data gurus who are able to recognize patterns and opportunities for engagement and some are wordsmiths who are able to make even the most complex of ideas and strategies sound magical. 

Though the characters in NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” aren’t a part of our B2B community, they are still a group of vastly different workers who, despite all odds, are able to work together to get stuff done.  

Below you’ll find a list of workers found at a typical B2B org represented by “Parks and Recreation” characters, as well as a recommendation for a webcast to add to your queue based on who you identify with. 

The Planner


Strategy is your middle name. You have a plan for every stage of a campaign and have a solution for just about everything thrown your way. There isn’t an element of a campaign you don’t touch, and your team is thankful every day to have such an organized and creative person at the helm.

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The Dreamer


You’re set on one thing: showing your target accounts TLC. You’re willing to go the extra mile and roll out the red carpet for top prospects. You’re ready to take risks, and no goal is too far-fetched. As an ABM guru, you’re a firm believer that targeted outreach gets the job done. 

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The Number Cruncher








Data is your best friend, and you’re super excited for the growing prioritization of buyer intent and engagement data. You live in Excel and are constantly working to find new ways to up your demand generation efforts. You’re not afraid of the growing focus on data regulations in Europe and the U.S.; in fact, you welcome the challenge of convincing prospects to stay opted in to your database. 

Add to your queue: How To Harness Data & Analytics To Execute And Report On Account Intelligence  

The Healer


Not every campaign can be a home-run from the start, and that’s where you come in. You’re able to see the whole picture and make suggestions for improvements to breathe new life into campaigns. You love to repurpose content and know there are plenty of opportunities to fine-tune your strategies at any stage of a campaign. 

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The Realist


You keep your team grounded. Sure, we’d all like to rent billboards in Times Square with our logos and shout about our organizations from the rooftops, but you know that sometimes lavish strategies just aren’t feasible or even worth it. You approach things very practically and know that targeted and personalized engagement strategies always win. 

Add to your queue: Cracking The Case On Context: Using Audience Insights To Build Web Experiences For Actual Humans 

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