On-Demand Content Consumption Is The New Mandate

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Netflix hasn’t just brought us tales of a self-deprecating horseman and a group of Demogorgon-fighting teens; it has completely changed the way we consume content in both our personal and professional lives. 

Since B2B buyers have grown accustom to this on demand, instantly gratifying way of consuming, they now expect the buying journey to be conducted in the same way. Your buyers expect seamless access to timely, relevant and compelling content. As a result, marketers must adapt their strategies, collaborating with content and demand gen colleagues to design programs and content pieces that support these new needs. 

The latest episode of the B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast features a lively panel discussion with Mark Bornstein of ON24, Nick Mann of Red Hat, and Lisa Kenney of Blackbaud (former) where they dig into the “Netflix Effect” and its impact on B2B audiences. They dig into: 

  • The implications of content bingeing;
  • Why it's important to create different experiences for different personas; and
  • The increasing role and impact of content experience.

Listen to the episode now!

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