Marketing’s Next Stop: The Super B2Bowl?

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Football  above all else  is a team sport. It takes careful precision and dedication for any team to succeed, and this Sunday, football fans (and commercial fans) will park themselves on the couch with wings and beer to watch this year’s two best teams  the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs  battle it out. 

While there certainly isn’t as much tackling and running in marketing, there are a lot of parallels between the positions in a marketing department and on a football team. Both rely so heavily on teamwork and require each member to perform at their very best for the entire squad to clinch the game  or close the deal. 

Sowhat position would you play on a marketing football team? Read below to find out! 

The Chief Marketing Officer

All eyes are on the CMO to lead their team to create something special. They need to make split decisions on the fly and trust that their team can handle whatever they throw at them. While they often head the charge and assist in most touchdowns, they know they wouldn’t be able to seal the deal without the team surrounding them. 

Wide Receiver:
The Email Marketer

Wide receivers need to fight through defenders to make a catch. Email marketers need to fight competitors, spam filters and a whole lot of marketing noise to catch the attention of their prospects. The payoff? Good email marketing that will bring the entire audience to their feet.  

The ABM Specialist

Precision is the name of the game for anyone working in ABM. Just like a kicker, an ABM specialist needs to hit their targets spot-on for true impact. Kickers often have the game on the line when they do their job, as do ABMers. 

Tight End:
The Field Marketer

Tight Ends have a very important job. While they get their fair share of time in the end zone, they are also critical in securing a nice route of their teammates to run through. They block, tackle and are strong enough to run routes with defenders on their backs. Field marketers are thrown out into the real world and are tasked with raising awareness outside of their home turf. Both positions require a lot of different skillsets.  

The Data Scientist

Who’s going to protect the whole marketing squad from bad data? The data scientist of course. They can’t let any dirty data into their CRM, and a cornerback can’t allow ANYONE into the end zone. Data scientists must intercept bad data. 

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