Insights From A Jack-Of-All-Trades B2B Marketer

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Pam Didner has done it all. With a career that spans approximately two decades, Pam has walked in the shoes of content strategists, digital marketers, marketers and even sales leaders and accountants. At every phase of her career, she has discovered new ways to hone her craft and expand her areas of expertise, helping her become a go-to resource for B2B practitioners trying to keep pace in this ever-changing landscape. 

Pam has been a fan-favorite at past B2B Marketing Exchange events. A B2BMXpert, lively speaker and workshop leader, Pam has wowed the B2B crowd with tons of knowledge on countless areas of the industry. 

Pam will be a featured keynote speaker at our 2020 event, where she will speak on how AI is already impacting every stage of buyer engagement. Ahead of the February event, Alicia Esposito of Demand Gen Report sat down with Pam for an intimate discussion on the key things she’s learned during her time in the industry, as well as what recommendations she has for executives striving to build their credibility and influence in their organizations and beyond. 

Listen to the conversation below!

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