#B2BMX Speaker Makes A Case For Bringing Brand Into The Spotlight

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A focus on brand has quickly moved from the backburner to the top priority list of many B2B CMOs. With physical interactions on pause, and everyone competing for the same digital attention, can you blame them? 

As the Chief Creative Officer of award-winning agency Retina Communications, and former Creative Director for Flexport, Michael Ruby knows a thing or two about the benefits of putting the brand first. And in the latest episode of the B2BMX Podcast, he will get you to think about brand as an experience, not just shiny message or cool logo.  

According to Ruby, everything you do on a fundamental level has to do with brand. So why not make it shine?  

Listen to this episode to learn:  

  • How to marry the experience you create with the numbers you need to generate;  
  • Why content is more of a powerful engine for building brand than traditional advertising; 
  • The skills needed to effectively marry any discipline with brand; and  
  • How to prioritize brand no matter what your bandwidth or budget is.

Like what you hear? Register for next week’s B2B Marketing Exchange to sit in on Ruby’s session (and 50+ more). We hope to see you there!

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