3 Easy Tactics To Fuel Growth At Your Organization

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Growth: What Is It Good For? Absolutely Everything.

The idea of growth marketing isn’t new or controversial. It’s an imperative. However, getting it done — and getting it done right — can often be a struggle for marketers. Shoveling unqualified leads into your funnel to make a quota isn’t helping anyone. Your growth marketing efforts must be focused on prospects who are actually capable of converting. So, how can marketers achieve growth … and do it at scale? 

Check out these three easy tactics you can focus on to start fueling growth at your organization:

Send Messages That Incite A Dialogue

When trying to grow your pipeline, it’s natural to want to get as many messages out on as many channels as possible. But if you inundate the market with messages that don’t inspire your prospects to engage with you, you just end up shouting one-way messages straight into a void. 

Automation has fooled us into thinking we can push interactions along by pushing out information, but what buyers really want is honest and transparent dialogue. This means a conversation. One of the most efficient ways to grow is to fuel conversations for engagement at scale, which is possible when marketing automation is used effectively.

Work With Sales To Get The Right Content To Prospects

Your organization can only grow and win over strategic accounts when sales and marketing are on the same page. For marketers, this means going above and beyond just passing leads to their sales teams  it means creating customized outreach programs to complement sales engagements. Personalizing and customizing content for sales ensures that the most effective and relevant content makes it to prospects, strengthening the likelihood that they enter the growth pipeline.

Promote Client Growth, Alongside Your Growth

Businesses tend to focus their efforts on the “big fish” with a higher chance to buy. However, focusing on other accounts  such as SMBs  can help build a community around your brand that accelerates growth. Focusing ABM efforts and other growth campaigns on these segments can be just as fruitful as initiatives for larger enterprises.

At the upcoming B2B Marketing Exchange, we are introducing a new curriculum for marketers in the early stages of marketing growth and maturity. The Growth Marketing Curriculum will spotlight sessions across all B2BMX tracks, allowing attendees to customize their own targeted agendas. These specific sessions will enable small to midsize companies to pick up building-block approaches to support growth initiatives within their companies.

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