18 B2B Marketers To Follow In 2018


The B2B industry is constantly evolving, but one thing that never changes is the level of talent present in the marketing professionals who make up the community. Below, we spotlight 18 B2B marketing professionals who have become experts in areas such as account-based marketing, lead nurturing and demand generation. We suggest you follow and connect with them to learn what makes them some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Masha Finkelstein, Head Of Growth, BetterWorks

Masha is an award-winning expert in demand generation. She has expertise in multiple industry facets, such as digital, social, field, direct mail, account-based marketing and territory-based demand generation strategies. At BetterWorks, some of her responsibilities include demand generation efforts, lead nurturing and managing partner marketing programs. Prior to her work at BetterWorks, she was a Senior Marketing Manager at Hortonworks.

Candyce Edelen, President/CEO, PropelGrowth

Candyce has more than 20 years of experience in marketing technology and founded four companies prior to PropelGrowth in 2007. Together with her PropelGroth team, Candyce works to help capital marketers refine sales and marketing strategies to increase growth. In addition to her work in marketing, Candyce is involved in community service and works with inner city youth mentoring programs. She is also an advisor for multiple non-profit organizations.

Tabitha Adams, Consultant – Digital Strategy and Experiences, Slalom Consulting

Tabitha is an insights and strategy focused demand generation leader. Her focus is helping companies deliver on data-driven goals with creative and innovative programs. Her specializations include account-based marketing, lead nurturing and predictive marketing.

Jeanniey Mullen, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Mercer

A recognized “Woman in Business,” Jeanniey is a celebrated marketer focused on delivering growth and brand strength through innovative digital transformation. Prior to her work at Mercer, she was the VP of Global Marketing for Barnes & Noble, where she drove the transformation of the NOOK business from hardware to app based. She has also authored three books and launched five companies, including RingBliz.

Kira Mondrus, Chief Marketing Officer, QASymphony

With more than 15 years of experience and multiple industry awards, Kira has become an expert in B2B technology marketing, working with companies ranging from start-ups to large enterprises. She has demonstrated success for leading campaigns that build brand awareness, improve market share and maximize profits. Her skills include global campaigns, event management and marketing operations.

Michelle Cirocco, Head of Marketing, Televerde

Michelle has been with Televerde since 1997 and has held roles such as Account Manager, Business Development Director, Director of Sales Operations and VP of Client Success. Her current position as Head of Marketing allows her to practice her skills in analyzing business needs and innovating program creation. Michelle is a volunteer for a number of programs, including ATHENA International, where she acts as a role model for women’s leadership programs.

Meg Hoyecki, VP of Marketing, SOC Telemed

Meg has a background in marketing strategy, messaging, integrated campaign creation, direct marketing, lead generation, digital marketing and social media. At SOC Telemed, she leads the marketing, communications and client advocacy strategy. Prior to her time at SOC Telemed, Meg was the VP of Marketing for Ciox Health.

Christine Simonini, Director of Enterprise & Vertical Demand Generation, DocuSign

Christine is a seasoned demand generation marketing professional with experience in creating, implementing and managing fully integrated demand generation, marketing automation and field marketing programs for direct sales and channel organizations. At DocuSign, she is responsible for driving enterprise and vertical industry pipeline and revenue growth. Her specialties include marketing automation and integrated marketing.

Christopher Engman, CRO and CMO, Climeon

In addition to acting as the head of sales and marketing at Climeon, Christopher is a frequent speaker and entrepreneur. He founded Vendemore in 2006, a leader in account-based marketing for companies selling complex B2B products and services.

Bradley Hearn, Content Market Strategist, ChannelAdvisor

Bradley began work at ChannelAdvisor as a Copy Writer in 2013. He has served as the Content Market Strategist for more than two years, leading ChannelAdvisor to score a Killer Content Award at B2BMX this year.

Danny Nail, Head of Global Account Based Marketing, SAP

Danny has been with SAP for more than 12 years and has worked to develop end-to-end account-based marketing strategies and programs covering strategic global accounts in multiple industries. His passion for account-based marketing is fueled by bringing together sales and marketing initiatives. In 2017, he received Demand Gen Report’s B2B Marketing Innovator Award for his efforts in account-based marketing.

Andrea Fryrear, President and Lead Trainer, AgileSherpas

Author of “Death of a Marketer,” Andrea is an agile marketing coach, keynote speaker and President of AgileSherpas. She has won multiple awards, including TopRank Marketing’s 50 Influential Women in Content Marketing. She works to help marketing teams apply Agile principles and practices so they can become more innovative.

Jay Gaines, CMO and Research Fellow, SiriusDecisions

Jay’s career spans more than 20 years in a variety of B2B industries. His experience includes organizational design and leadership, marketing strategy and planning, marketing budget and operations management, demand creation, sales and marketing alignment and digital strategy. He’s worked at both well-established and start-up B2B companies.

Alexandra Rynne, Content Marketing Manager, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn

Often dubbed a “Millennial Marketer,” Alexandra specializes in social media marketing. In 2016, her webinar “How Millennials Are Building Their Personal Brand” won On24’s Most Innovative Webinar award. At LinkedIn, she oversees the social strategy and drives content strategy.

Ken Wincko, Chief Marketing Officer, WorkWave

An award-winning marketer with more than 20 years of experience, Ken is responsible for leading the global corporate marketing strategy for WorkWave. He is an ROI-focused marketer with expertise in customer experiences and revenue growth. His resume includes work with Cision/PR Newswire, ADP and Citigroup.

Ada Agrait, General Manager of Marketing, Cloud + Enterprise, Microsoft

Ada has more than 10 years of experience with Microsoft and uses her expertise in end-to-end marketing to implement effective marketing tools that work to increase market share. At Microsoft, she is responsible for driving brand, advertising, digital and events for the Cloud + Enterprise division. Prior to working for Microsoft, she was an Associate Director for Ernst & Young.

Jacqueline Woods, CMO, IBM

Jaqueline has been with IBM for eight years. She drives marketing efforts around IBM’s channel business with a focus on growing business partner momentum in IBM Cloud and AI technologies. She has more than 20 years of experience in technology and has worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies, including General Electric and Oracle.

Kristen Wendel, Director of Marketing Operations, Plainview Inc.

Kristen is a growth marketer experienced in creating account-based marketing strategies to create awareness and engagement, and to optimize pipelines. She is a SiriusDecisions ABM program of the year winner, #FlipMyFunnel ABMie award winner and one of the Top 50 Women to Know in Revenue from Engagio.

Kristen was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In an effort to support her battle, her colleague has created Friends Fighting with Kristen Wendel Recker, a fundraiser to help ease the financial burden of her medical bills. We kindly ask that you stand with us in supporting Kristen’s battle by donating and sharing the fundraiser.

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