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Decent started as a health insurance provider and expanded to take care of broader business problems by launching a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Not the most exciting things to create a visually grabby offline campaign around. So, the company personified (or “monster-fied”) the problems that it solves for small businesses, which birthed the Small Business Monsters.


The Global Customer Engagement Report (GCER) is an annual research report Vonage uses to understand the methods and channels that consumers prefer to communicate in, as well as their primary communications frustrations. This year, the company abandoned the academic, authoritative tone of years past and turned a long, 26-page report into something people actually enjoyed reading. Vonage went with an interactive landing page with a fun voice to gate the report and a quiz on AI that gave away an excerpt of the report with no gate.


In early 2022, Paddle raised a Series D funding round and acquired ProfitWell for $200m. The team jumped on this unique opportunity to bring audiences behind the scenes of a tech acquisition by creating a documentary. Paddle worked with award-winning documentary film maker, Pip Piper, to film video diaries, negotiations, announcements and celebrations, without really knowing if they would either close the acquisition successfully, or whether there would ever be a story worth telling. The documentary is called “We Sign Tomorrow?” and it's available to watch on YouTube.

RollWorks developed an email subscription-based "ABM Play" series that provides relevant, actionable, proven ABM plays that businesses of any size or maturity can use and achieve measurable impact to marketing and sales KPIs. Following the success of RollWorks' initial phase of its ABM Play campaign, the company launched the ABM Play Generator microsite, which lives as an always-on engagement channel that allows RollWorks to discover more ready-to-buy audiences and open its brand to those actively in market for an ABM solution.

The GTM Lab is a virtual event for professionals in the B2B marketing, sales and go-to-market space that offers attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest GTM tips, tricks and tactics from some of the most well-respected B2B influencers in the industry through a series of 30-minute panel discussions. In addition to the virtual event, Drift turned the sessions into an action-packed E-book called "Game Changing GTM," which brings together some of the sharpest minds in B2B to share their most valuable insights, tips and tricks for success in the market.

In 2022, Arvig wanted an engaging and memorable way to let its existing wholesale customers and agents know about its recent expansion. Arvig worked with Content4Demand to create an interactive content piece in Ceros. The hockey theme played on Arvig’s Minnesota roots and leveraged that familiarity to engage people in a fun and relatable way with informative content and strategic interactivity.

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