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We’ve narrowed down over 100 submissions to bring you 8 stand-out finalists who set the bar high with innovative and cutting-edge — not to mention, astonishingly creative — campaigns. Now it’s up to you to choose which brand will walk away with the accolade during our awards ceremony in Scottsdale!

Who should you vote for?

That, my friend, is entirely up to you. Below you’ll find our 8 finalists and links to check out some of their super cool content. Check them out below and cast your vote before the January 28th, 2022 deadline!


A customer experience box that featured beverage-warming mugs, personalized video screens, stickers, cards and more.


A virtual book club that re-engaged existing executive customers and accounts by sharing one book and tapping the author in for a live discussion.


An entire cast of original monster characters based on a customer pain-point that addressed those “scary” issues with humor and hope.


An on-demand B2B streaming service that launched with more than 70 pieces of fresh content.

A video series inspired by Tom Cruise and 80s nostalgia that tied to the unique value props of the company’s new video management system product, Velocity Vision.


A recipe book of inbound marketing strategies printed and used as a gift at SmartBug’s booth during a senior living conference.


A video series that highlighted use cases of Toshiba’s POS placed in plausible, but extreme, circumstances for retailers to show how the solution works in different scenarios.


A five-episode Saturday morning cartoon homage that took viewers through “good versus evil” plot lines where characters came to life and battled over the fate of marketing campaigns.

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