Jeremy Middleton

Season 04, Episode 07

Your ABM Foundation: It’s Working…Sorta. What’s Next?

Featuring: Jeremy Middleton, Kenna Security

Soyou’ve got ABM plays running — and maybe they’re working — but what if they can get better? And what do you do next?

In this B2BMX session replay, three-time ABM practitioner and implementer Jeremy Middleton will share an ABM foundation framework that he used at Kenna Security, including how it worked versus sales expectations, how to use the foundation to identify full funnel improvements and how to work with sales to make it all work.

He’ll uncover unique insights such as:  

  • Look at your tools after having a process in place — is it time to change or simplify?  
  • Be picky at what tactics you run, and what tools to use to make them work 
  • Never change your strategy; you only improve it. You only change your process.  
  • If you can’t make sense of your data, you’re starting too big.  



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