Season 06, Episode 05

What It Takes To Create A Successful ABM Strategy From The Ground Up

Featuring: Jennifer Leaver, Senior Global ABM Manager for Bazaarvoice

We’re back with episode 5 to share the replay of Jennifer Leaver’s impressive session from B2BMX in Scottsdale, Ariz. Leaver is the Senior Global ABM Manager at Bazaarvoice who shared her secrets to launching an ABM program from the ground up and for scale to become a major strategic partner for the sales org.  

ABM strategies are now going beyond the marketing mix to involve Sales, CS and PMK to create customer experiences for a company’s most strategic accounts. All these teams are coming together to work towards one goal: Revenue. Leaver lets the audience in on the top priorities for constructing a successful ABM strategy, including: 

  • Strategically targeting the accounts that a business wants to go after; 
  • Creating a personalized experience for accounts; 
  • Starting small to scale and building playbooks; and 
  • Making sure there is enough bandwidth to create the content that is needed to support these campaigns (design, marketing ops, etc.). 


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