Season 9, Episode 6

Unlocking Success: How To Scale Your B2B Marketing Program For Company Growth

Featuring: Nirosha Methananda, Sati Marketing

In today’s episode, Hosts Klaudia Tirico and Kelly Lindenau roll the tape of a B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange session hosted by Nirosha Methananda, former Head of Marketing for companies like Influ2 and Bombora and now the Chief Marketing Maven for Sati Marketing. The presentation explored key strategies and insights from industry experts that empowers listeners to take their B2B marketing to new heights.

Methanada highlighted the importance of having a marketing strategy that aligns with business goals and even helps marketers understand how to get buy-in from other departments. She also touched on how to prioritize building different marketing functions and shared some tips on how to build a marketing team. Specifically, she outlined:

  • Factors to consider when selecting marketing technology and tools, such as needs, resources and ability to scale;
  • The importance of measuring marketing metrics that are relevant to business goals like ROI and driving recurring revenue; and
  • How to connect every marketing role and program to ROI to demonstrate value.


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