Sydney Switzer on B2BMX Podcast

Season 02, Episode 013

Tips And Tricks For Perfecting ABM Personalization

Featuring: Sydney Switzer, Vertex Marketing Agency
In her role as an ABM consultant, Sydney Switzer helps Vertex Marketing Agency clients get their programs off the ground and scale them successfully. Needless to say, she’s seen her fair share of challenges and lessons learned over the years. During her chat with hosts Alicia Esposito and Klaudia Tirico, Sydney shares:
  • Common challenges with ABM strategies;
  • New rules and expectations for stellar personalization;
  • ABM trends that may emerge amid COVID-19; and
  • Different ways to personalize campaigns based on available time and bandwidth.
  • Learn more about Vertex Marketing Agency
  • Dig into ABM personalization ideas and best practices
  • Listen to the Vertex Marketing Agency podcast
  • Check out Sydney’s favorite podcast (if you’re into health and wellness)
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