Season 04, Episode 13

The Story Behind The Rebrand From A CMO’s POV

Featuring: Leela Srinivasan, Momentive

Last month, SurveyMonkey — a company that has been synonymous with market research and survey software — rebranded to Momentive, now defining itself as an agile experience management company focused on helping customers shape what’s next.  

A rebrand is more than just a fresh coat of paint, new logo and name, and during this week’s episode of the B2BMX Podcast, Host Klaudia Tirico sits down with Leela Srinivasan, CMO of Momentive, to get a behind-the-scenes look at the entire process and the role of the CMO during a rebrand.  

Specifically, Klaudia and Leela touch on:  

  • How SurveyMonkey transitioned to Momentive during a pandemic and why now;  
  • The impact customer and employee feedback have on a rebrand;  
  • Marketing’s role during a rebrand and important things to consider before diving in;  
  • The new role of brand in B2B marketing; and 
  • How to blur the lines between brand and demand.   


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