Cole Baker-Bagwell On B2BMX Podcast

Season 03, Episode 05

The Intersection Of Mindfulness And Business

Featuring: Cole Baker-Bagwell, Cool Audrey

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Let’s face it, we’ve all been feeling a lot of stress during the pandemic. Some of us are juggling work and family life. We’re managing virtual schooling schedules, caring for at-risk family members, and simply trying to stay productive and creative in our daily work. If ever there was a time for us to be more empathetic and more understanding of each other, it’s now. Emotional intelligence (EQ) and kindness are both crucial, especially in business. Mindfulness can help us achieve both. During this episode, host Alicia Esposito sits down with Cole Baker-Bagwell, who is the Founder of Cool Audrey, to discuss the intersection of mindfulness and business. They discuss:

  • What “mindfulness” means in the context of business;
  • Why it’s so difficult to achieve;
  • Exercises to help you get started with mindfulness; and
  • How these practices impact business relationships and customer experiences.

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