Season 04, Episode 11

The Ins & Outs Of Brand Creation & Management

Featuring: Alicia Esposito, Cara Hogan, Allie Bhutani

A company’s brand encompasses everything from Zoom backgrounds to website content, so it’s important that brand experience is unified across all channels. As a result, an organization’s branding should be at the forefront of marketing strategies — but there are a few gray areas surrounding it. For instance, how strict should branding guidelines be? What shapes a brand? What are the signs that an organization needs to refine or recreate its brand?  

In this session replay from the B2B Marketing Exchange in February, Alicia Esposito, G3 Communication’s Director, Content + New Media, led a panel discussion with professionals from (formerly ClimaCell) and Conductor that revolved around the ins and outs of brand creation and management.  

Check it out to learn:  

  • How brands are shaped and driven by a combination of content and design;   
  • When to push the limits of brand guidelines and the most appropriate channels for doing so; and  
  • How to understand the various brand platforms and the role branding plays in creating a unified experience.  


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