Season 8, Episode 13

Secrets From The CIA: What B2B Sales Can Learn About Closing Deals

Featuring: Jeremy Hurewitz, Sell Like A Spy

When it comes to closing deals, there’s no one better at it than the CIA. They are experts in the art of persuasion and building long-lasting relationships with clients — skills that are just as crucial in the world of B2B sales.

During this episode of the #B2BMX podcast, we’re returning to a fantastic session hosted by Jeremy Hurewitz, creator of the Sell Like A Spy program. He’s a pro at using spy tradecraft and applying it specifically to B2B marketing and sales practices.

Hurewitz draws parallels between the day-to-day work of CIA officers and the responsibilities of BDRs and account managers. He takes listeners on a journey through the unique psychological skills that spies use to make sales and build lasting relationships with clients. Tune in to learn:

  • What it means to “sell like a spy;”
  • The real challenges of getting to know your prospect;
  • How vulnerability cultivates intimacy and humanity breeds credibility; and
  • How to learn about people without asking them a question!


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