B2BMX Podcast Season 4 Premier

Season 04, Episode 01

Season 4 Premiere

Featuring: Alicia Esposito & Klaudia Tirico

Welcome back to a new season of the B2BMX Podcast! In this kick-off episode, hosts Klaudia Tirico and Alicia Esposito look back at some of the top sessions from the 2021 B2B Marketing Exchange to set the stage for what’s to come in Season 4.

In this episode, we highlight an overarching trend that took over the entire event (and the industry as a whole): Account-Based Marketing (ABM). With more organizations doubling down on ABM over the course of the past year, Alicia and Klaudia dive into the key trends and even some challenges presented by those who live and breathe ABM every day. Specifically, they touch on:

    • New rules for revenue teams;
    • The need to create scalable, personalized experiences;
    • How modern teams are blending traditional demand gen with ABM;
    • The next phase of ABM: Collaborative Innovation; and
    • The future and the role intent data plays in ABM.


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