Danny Nail

Season 05, Episode 05

Inside The ABM Test Kitchen: Sharing Different Flavors & Recipes For Successful Programs… + A Few Gotchas Of What To Avoid

Featuring: Danny Nail, Microsoft

Get ready to get a taste of what successful ABM looks like at large, enterprise organizations. As a leading ABM practitioner for the past seven years, Danny Nail has tested and re-tested a variety of different plays to scale ABM programs at companies such as SAP and now Microsoft. He’s essentially the Michelin star chef of ABM!

Today’s #B2BSMX session replay stars Nail himself, who will share a variety of recipes and learnings from some of his most successful ABM programs at SAP and Microsoft. The best part? Organizations of all shapes and sizes can learn a thing or two from Nail — even if you don’t work at the SAP and Microsoft’s of the world.

Check it out to get:

  • Examples of 1:1 and 1:few plays and campaigns that hit the mark;
  • His lessons learned from working with sales and some “dos and don’ts”;
  • Top tools and best practices for scaling ABM;
  • Insights into how Nail developed his own platform to streamline processes and scale ABM; and
  • Examples of how generic campaigns and content offers can be customized to specific accounts.



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