Season 02, Episode 06

Human + Machine = ABM Success

Featuring: Robin Bordoli & Sam Kuehnle
Account-based marketing (ABM), like any marketing discipline, requires equal parts art and science. Without technology, ABM takes a lot of time and bandwidth to execute. However, without the human touch, you may lose the creativity and authenticity that goes into crafting compelling content and experiences. That’s why Robin Bordoli, President of RollWorks believes that B2B organizations need to embrace the best of humans and machines in order to scale ABM successfully. During this episode, which is a replay of a 2020 B2BMX session, he explains why, and brings in Sam Kuehnle, who is the Team Lead of Digital Marketing at Blackbaud, to share his team’s journey.
Key takeaways include:
  • An overview of shifting customer expectations and the impact on marketing and sales programs;
  • Examples of how companies are leveraging machine learning to scale programs;
  • How ABM platforms can align marketing and sales teams; and
  • Steps you can take today to start to scaling your account-based programs.
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