Anthony Blatner On B2BMX Podcast

Season 03, Episode 02

How To Get More From LinkedIn

Featuring: Anthony Blatner, Modern Media
Because of COVID-19, our time online has skyrocketed. Rather than going to networking events and conferences to build new relationships, we’re turning to virtual round tables and cocktail hours and, of course, social media. LinkedIn has become an integral “watering hole” for B2B professionals who are eager to find new job opportunities, share ideas and bolster their positions as thought leaders in their industry. But what new features and capabilities can B2B execs and brands take advantage of? During this episode, we sit down with Anthony Blatner of Modern Media to talk all things LinkedIn, including:
  • Highly effective advertising solutions for brands;
  • Free tools to boost brand and executive engagement;
  • How to combat digital fatigue and LinkedIn inbox floods; and
  • How to respond when being called out on LinkedIn.

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