Season 07, Episode 11

How To Assess ABM Advertising Strategies In 2023

Featuring: John Arnold, Forrester

Account-based advertising has been a staple of ABM platforms. However, with the loss of third-party cookies, increasing expenses and difficulty demonstrating tangible value, its future can seem a bit murky — to say the least. In this episode, we’re looking back at another session from the 2022 B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange presented by John Arnold, Principal Analyst at Forrester, who discussed how the task now falls upon marketers to navigate these challenging waters for ABM advertising success.

During his session, Arnold shared research and strategies to better assess advertising strategies throughout 2023, such as:

  • How B2B buyers respond to advertisements in today’s markets;
  • The advertising tactics that are working the best; and 
  • What the future has in store for B2B advertising and how it will impact go-to-market strategies.

Arnold also shares the five critical components of successful B2B advertising for the next few years. 


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