Wes Lieser on B2BMX Podcast

Season 02, Episode 11

How Has COVID Changed The B2B Marketing Talent Pool?

Featuring: Wes Lieser, Rose Spicer, Michelle Liro & Nirosha Methananda
The novel coronavirus has not only shaken up our personal lives. It has turned some careers, and even businesses, upside down. While some companies have implemented hiring freezes, others have been forced to fill employment gaps, going through hiring surges. In some cases, organizations have had to bolster their workforce by looking inward, upskilling current employees. During the 2020 B2B Marketing Exchange in Scottsdale, a panel of experts discussed how they’re building the marketing teams of tomorrow. We believe some of their insights are still valuable — that’s why we’re re-sharing this episode with you! But,, we believe some things have changed. That’s why we brought back the panel moderator, Wes Lieser of Versique, to get his take on what’s happening in the employee market, and how brands and individuals can move forward successfully.
Topics include:
  • Coveted skills in the current climate;
  • Soft skills to include on your resume and in interviews;
  • Whether employers prefer generalists or specialists; and
  • The current state of the talent pool, and how it will change over the next year.
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