Season 08, Episode 01

How Esquire Bank Uses Data, Tech & Content To Fuel Hyper-Personalized Campaigns

Featuring: Kyall Mai, SVP and Chief Innovation Officer at Esquire Bank

Data, technology and content have become the cornerstones of modern marketing — and they work together to create powerful campaigns that connect with customers on a deeper level, drive more meaningful engagement and generate better conversions. Kyall Mai, SVP and Chief Innovation Officer at Esquire Bank, experienced this infusion firsthand when the bank leveraged those pillars to fuel a hyper-personalized ABM campaign.

In our first episode of Season 8, Co-host Klaudia Tirico sat down with Mai on the #B2BMX show floor to discuss Esquire Bank’s Killer Content Award-winning campaign, the steps needed to build a customer-centric company culture and what an ABM strategy looks like for a bank.


Listen in to learn:

  • The key components for a customer-centric business culture;
  • Where data and technology fit into the marketing mix;
  • The value of hyper-personalized content hubs for target accounts; 
  • Mai’s background as a B2B martech specialist in data reporting and management for sales and marketing teams; and
  • A quick look into Mai’s “side hustle” as a stand-up comedian!



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