Season 9, Episode 5

Cracking The Marketer’s Paradox: Scaling & Achieving More With Less

Featuring: Elle Woulfe, Formstack

Marketers are constantly looking out for ways to scale their efforts and achieve more with less.  However, this is challenging in today’s saturated market, where consumers are bombarded with messages from all directions. 

In today’s episode, Hosts Klaudia Tirico and Kelly Lindenau replay a session hosted by Elle Woulfe, SVP of Global Marketing at Formstack. Throughout her presentation, Woulfe uncovered how practitioners can skillfully navigate the hurdles of rapid marketing transformation, even with limited resources. With an ingenious squad structure and a sharp focus on marketing objectives, she unveiled the secrets behind Formstack’s impressive growth across all the company’s KPIs.

Tune in to learn about how:

  • Breaking teams into focused squads focused on specific metrics helps organize work and create accountability;
  • Standardizing processes and collapsing duplicate efforts extracts more value from existing work;
  • Synchronizing communication and keeping work visible help smaller teams work efficiently together; and
  • Verticalizing marketing efforts where the business sees success can help double down on wins.



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