Season 04, Episode 14

An Insider Look At The Expanding Role Of SDRs

Featuring: Nikki Ivey, Ken Amara, Brian Vital, Andrew Gaffney

Once viewed simply as “outbound callers,” SDRs are increasingly playing more strategic roles for B2B revenue teams. Given their active role on the front lines of interacting with target buyers, many progressive organizations are positioning SDRs as a key bridge between sales, marketing and customer success.   

During this B2BMX session replay episode, Demand Gen Report’s Andrew Gaffney chats with experts Nikki Ivey of SDRdefenders, Brian Vital of ZoomInfo and Ken Amar of Outreach to discuss the changing role of SDRs, looking specifically at:   

  • The changing approaches B2B companies are taking with SDRs to move beyond dialing for dollars;  
  • The tools and tactics companies are arming their SDR teams with and how they are driving more & better intelligence across the org;   
  • How companies are re-thinking the career path for SDRs; and  
  • The new metrics SDRs are impacting across the customer lifecycle. 


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