Using Client Insight To Transform Your Business

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Client advocacy is one of the most valuable things your company can invest in. According to the 2019 Content Preferences Survey Report, 92% of marketers give the most credence to peer reviews and user-generated feedback. Your prospects don’t want to hear from you why your solution is so great. They want to hear from unbiased users who have had real experiences with the product. So how can you get your clients to advocate on your behalf? 

During a session at the upcoming B2B Marketing Exchange, Sarah Schreiner, Senior Strategy Analyst of Client Experience at ADP, will share how the brand developed and scaled an advocacy program that includes more than 5,000 engaged clients. In the below Q&A, we asked Sarah to preview her session and share her thoughts on trends she’s seeing in the digital strategy space. Check out her answers below! 


B2B Marketing Exchange: You’re speaking in the Strategy track this year. What trends are you seeing in the digital strategy space? 

Sarah Schreiner: I think it’s important for marketing to understand how our insight and perspective can influence the rest of the business, instead of staying in our own silos. When you think about digital strategy and client advocacy strategy, you must consider the whole organization — not just part of it — to have a bigger impact.  


B2BMX: Over the past five years, ADP has developed and scaled an advocacy program that includes more than 5,000 engaged clients. Can you give us a high-level overview of how this process began? 

Schreiner: Our advocate community, ADP Ambassador, began as a way for us to grow our number of referenceable clients and encourage them to share their voice. It’s evolved drastically since then to become a central part of how we gather client feedback, drive efficiencies around client engagement and support our market presence.  


B2BMX: What’s the biggest impact on business you’ve seen since establishing this client advocacy program? 

Schreiner: Not to give it all away, but we have seen strong outcomes in the overall client experience. Our clients are helping boost our market presence by giving testimonials, social sharing, online reviews and more. But more than anything, our advocate community has become a place from which we can get nearly real-time feedback on what we’re doing. Whether it’s product and UX development, getting training completed or supporting our sales function, this program does it all. 


B2BMX: What else can you share about your presentation? What is one main takeaway you want the audience to go back to their office with? 

Schreiner: I can’t wait to share more about how you can start or expand an advocacy program in your own company. I’ll help you identify key stakeholders to make a big impact, and how to think differently about which clients may be great advocates. 


B2BMX: What are you hoping to get out of your time at B2BMX? Are there any sessions you’re looking forward to? 

Schreiner: I cannot WAIT to spend time with other marketers and hear how others are tackling the same issues that I am. Conferences like B2BMX give us a unique opportunity to be in the same place with hundreds of other people who really get what we do every day and can offer unique insight into our goals. I’ll spend most of my time in the Marketing Strategy track because I have so much to learn from other smart marketers. Can’t wait! 


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