Todd Henry On Managing The Tug-Of-War Between Creativity And Stability

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Take a look at the 2019 Killer Content Awards report. I guarantee that as you comb through the winners stories, one thought in particular will pop into your head: the B2B industry is comprised of extremely talented and creative people who make it looks effortless. 

But as anyone who works as a creative knows, it’s hard work. Sure, it’s not surgery or engineering, but the pressure of coming up with something fresh on a deadline that also appeases your boss isn’t easy. 

For this week’s episode of the B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast, Alicia Esposito of Demand Gen Report had an interesting conversation with Todd Henry of The Accidental Creative to get a better idea of how mangers of a creative team can better balance the need for creativity and the need for quick and efficient workflows. 

“As a leader, you’re not measured by the brilliant work you produce,” Henry said. “You’re measured by the brilliant work you enable others to produce.”

Listen to the episode now and hear: 

  • How to balance creativity and stability;
  • How to challenge your team without overwhelming them; and
  • The new qualities of a successful manager.

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