The Trends Fueling The Future Of B2B

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We’ve taken the #B2BMX Podcast off replay this week to bring you the latest predictions into the future of B2B marketing! In this week’s episode, Host Klaudia Tirico sits down with Jeff Pedowitz, CEO and President of The Pedowitz Group, to shine new light on the requirements of modern marketers who want to see success in the new world brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With a specific focus on what the coming months and years might hold for B2B marketers (hint: Hybrid and virtual are here to stay!), the pair dive into:

  • An exclusive look into Pedowitz’s new book, “F The Funnel: A New Way To Engage Customers & Grow Revenue,” that explores the shortcomings of the traditional funnel system and the new model that could replace it;
  • The lessons learned throughout the pandemic, including the importance of staying connected with clients after they sign the dotted line;
  • The necessity of a hybrid event model and what the ideal event might look like;
  • The emphasized importance on forming strong relationships with employees to retain talent amid the “The Great Resignation”; and
  • Much more!

#B2BMX podcast listeners can receive 50% off their ticket to the in-person B2BMX event in February by using the code B2BMXPOD at registration!

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