The Three Drawbridges To Gaining Buyers’ Trust

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Buyers feel like they are under attack from marketers’ constant emails and messaging, so they’re essentially digging a moat for protection. They’re unsubscribing, deleting and ignoring anything that isn’t radically relevant to them. One of the things we have learned from history is that you cannot siege a moated castle head-on. Under difficult marketing circumstances, you do not take castles by force. All castles can be entered with a drawbridge. Instead of trying to force your way into the castle, try earning the attention of your buyer to actually get invited inside.

In this episode of the B2BMX Podcast, co-hosts Klaudia Tirico and Kelly Lindenau play back Jay Baer’s insightful and memorable keynote speech at B2BMX in Scottsdale, where he explained the three drawbridges to gain buyer trust:

  1. The Right Message
  2. The Right Messenger
  3. The Right Modality

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