The Sessions The #B2BMX Team Can’t Wait To Attend


The 2019 B2B Marketing Exchange is less than a week away! Not to toot our own horn, but we’ve developed our best agenda yet, jam-packed with over 60 sessions spread across six topical tracks focusing on sales enablement strategies, account-based marketing, channel ecosystems and more. 

No matter what your area of focus is, there’s a session that each and every B2B marketer can enjoy. Here are the sessions our team can’t want to sit in on:

Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson: While there are a TON of sessions slated for B2BMX this year, the keynote session titled “Millennial Mindset: How To Market, Collaborate & Connect With Digital Natives” by Brian Fanzo is the one I’m looking the most forward to attending. B2B buyers have become digital natives, so I look forward to hearing how Fanzo views today’s modern marketing and sales environments and how to leverage it in the customer’s best interest. 

Another session that I’m excited to sit in on is being presented by Sangram Vajre of Terminus. The session, titled “ABM 2.0: How To Take Your Marketing From Good To Great,” caught my eye because we here at Demand Gen Report and ABM In Action have covered the account-based marketing phenomenon for some time now. I look forward to hearing about where Sangram believes the space is heading, while also gaining insight from one of the top thought leaders in the space on the topic.

Klaudia Tirico: I was lucky enough to help build this year’s B2BMX agenda so it’s extra hard for me to choose a favorite — every session is going to be full of so many thought-provoking insights and best practices for attendees to bring back to the office!  

As a content creator, I strongly believe that B2B doesn’t have to be boring. I get excited when I see B2B organizations being creative with their content so I’m really looking forward to Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing’s session on interactive influencer marketing. I know he is going to share some awesome examples of companies thinking outside of the box with their content. It’s bound to be full of inspiration.  

I’m also moderating a panel on the topic of blogging, where I’ll be chatting with Toni Boger of Siemens and Greg Mooney of Ipswitch about their Killer Content Award-winning blogging initiatives. They will share their tips and best practices on standing out of the crowd with blogs, including how to find your voice, develop blog content based on buyer’s needs and much more! 

Elise SchoeningWith over 60 sessions at B2BMX, it’s hard for me to pick just one! I’m really looking forward to the “Women In B2B” panel. As a young woman myself, I am interested to hear how young women have overcome gender barriers in the technology industry, risen to senior level management positions and how progressive companies who embrace diversity at all levels are seeing success from doing so. 

Another session that caught my eye is “Can Marketing Save The World?” In it, Carlos Abler of 3M will explore the integration of content marketing and social innovation — something we don’t see too often in B2B. It will be refreshing and inspiring to hear case studies for how marketers can infuse social innovation into their marketing strategies to not only stand out from the noise, but also use their platform for good. 

Alicia Esposito: I’m a bit biased, but I’m extremely excited for the session “The Power Of Podcasting: How B2B Marketers Are Seeing Payoffs From Serial Content.” The latest research on buyer preferences point to a rise in auditory, on-demand content and podcasting certainly fits that bill. While we’re seeing a lot of brands buzzing about this new reality, very few have podcasting success stories and tactical best practices. So, I’m excited to hear from real practitioners about what works (and what doesn’t) for their brands.  
There are also two sessions focused on influencer marketing (“Break Free Of Boring B2B With Interactive Influencer Content” featuring Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing and “Tapping Influencers To Fuel Your Content Creation Engine” featuring Amanda Maksymiw of Fuze) that I’m excited to check out. Influencer marketing has evolved from a fad to a critical tactic for B2B brands, so it will be great to see what trends are on the horizon and how brands can maximize the value of their investments and influencer relationships.  

Marisa Jentz: As a promotional copywriter, I’m most looking forward to the session titled “A Crash Course In B2B Email Creative,” which will be led by Spear Marketing Group’s Howard Sewell. Developing enticing emails that the B2B audience is compelled to open is no easy feat, so I’m itching to hear some new tips, strategies and best practices for dramatically increasing email success in 2019. I love seeing examples from the best in the business, so I can’t wait to see some standout emails that I’m sure will inspire some creativity in me!

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