The ‘Secret Sauce’ For Creating Killer Content, According To Digital Pi

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ABM is all the buzz in modern marketing. But creating a successful ABM campaign is easier said than done.

Marketo consulting agency Digital Pi decided to take a triple-touch approach to ensure success. The company started with a direct-mail send to prospects on the Inc. 5000 list. The mailer, which included a bottle of hot sauce and an invitation to film a video interview, was then followed up with emails and phone calls. These efforts resulted in engagement from nearly 5,000 people and landed Digital Pi a Killer Content Award at the 2019 B2B Marketing Exchange.

This week, I sat down with Jeff Coveney, EVP of Digital Pi, to get the scoop on the company’s award-winning “Secret Sauce” campaign.

“We realized it’s not just one touch that can work,” said Coveney. “[We wanted to] hit our audience multiple times, in multiple ways… It’s really hard to break through the noise. But when you can send out email with other touches, physical mail being one of them, it’s another way to differentiate your message.”

Coveney also discussed:

  • The resurgence of direct mail;
  • The power of ABM in today’s crowded market;
  • Why it’s important to be conversational and targeted in your messaging; and
  • What marketers can do to improve their strategies in 2019.

Watch the entire interview above for more ABM insights and tips!

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