The #B2BMX Podcast Is Back For Season 5!


Ring the alarm! The B2BMX Podcast is back for another season and we’re picking up right where we left off!  

Our first episode of Season 5 features Craig Rosenberg of Gartner, who helped set the #B2BSMX stage as the opening keynote. Check out the replay now to learn all about the heightened need for consistent, omnichannel communication and the renewed focus on ideal customer profiles (ICPs). 

Specific takeaways from the session include: 

  • Why organizations must focus on ICPs to meaningfully engage with best-fit accounts;  
  • Best practices of modernizing orchestration practices to coordinate consistent messaging across all departments and channels; 
  • How to adapt to the new B2B buyer behaviors and demands; 
  • The importance of adjusting to the changing realities surrounding the abundance of content available to buyers; and 
  • Much more! 

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