Season 3 Premiere: Benjamin Shapiro On Bringing Humanity Back To B2B

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Season 3 of the B2BMX Podcast is finally here! After a few weeks off, we’re back, refreshed and ready to tackle more of the marketing topics you love! This season will be especially exciting, as we’re gearing up for the virtual B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange, taking place October 26-28. Throughout this season, we’ll preview some of the most anticipated #B2BSMX sessions, talk with some of our A-list speakers and showcase the latest trends and tactics in B2B marketing and sales.  

This season kicks off with a great conversation with MarTech Podcast’s  Benjamin Shapiro. Before venturing into content creation and media, Shapiro worked for both B2B and B2C brands and noticed the need for more human-driven messaging and marketing execution. During the episode, Shapiro and hosts Alicia Esposito and Klaudia Tirico dig into why it’s still so difficult for marketing and sales professionals to take a human-centered approach to engagement and what they can do to fix it.

Listen in to hear his take on: 

  • Taking a human-centered approach to marketing messaging; 
  • Applying new messaging to content concepts; and 
  • Identifying new ways to amplify messaging and engage audiences. 

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