New Keynote With Dan Gingiss: Unlock Success With Customer Experience

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The Experience Maker Is Headed To Scottsdale!

B2B marketing professionals are grappling with a complex landscape, facing unique challenges and dynamic market shifts. In this environment, practitioners must confront a central question: How can we excel and achieve marketing success in an environment defined by complexity and competition? 

In this enlightening keynote at the B2B Marketing Exchange, Dan Gingiss will guide you through strategies that shape challenges into opportunities, focusing on the transformative power of customer experience (CX).

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlock the power of Customer Experience: Learn how prioritizing customer experience can distinguish your B2B brand, foster long-term customer loyalty and establish a compelling market presence that stands the test of time.
  • Implement a proven 5-step framework: Explore a practical, five-step approach to creating extraordinary, shareable customer experiences tailored to your B2B audience. This framework empowers you to build enduring relationships with your clients while driving business growth.
  • Draw inspiration from real success stories: Dive into case studies and examples from both B2C and B2B organizations that have successfully integrated customer experience strategies into their marketing efforts, resulting in enhanced lead conversion, customer retention and brand advocacy.

Reshape Your Approach to B2B Marketing

Walk away from this keynote session inspired and equipped with practical tools to enhance your role as a B2B marketing professional.

View more details about the session here. Secure your spot at #B2BMX  to see Dan Gingiss in person! Get your ticket to B2B Marketing Exchange today.

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