Meet The #B2BMX Team: Andrew Gaffney


So much happens behind the scenes at events: Securing a unique venue, curating an engaging agenda, snagging all-star speakers and planning after-hours events. And that’s all before the event even takes place! To make this all happen, it takes an army — and in the case of the B2B Marketing Exchange (#B2BMX), that army takes the shape of the Demand Gen Report (DGR) team. Across editorial, sales, design and marketing, the small-but-mighty DGR team works around the clock to deliver a show-stopping event. 

To pull back the metaphorical curtain, this blog series will highlight the key players and teams powering the #B2BMX event series. Next up is Andrew Gaffney, Founder and Editorial Director of #B2BMX and DGR. 

What’s your favorite part of the B2B Marketing Exchange? 

I feel like you can see the “sparks” during some of our top sessions, when folks in the audience are snapping pictures of slides or furiously jotting down notes on some of the successful campaigns they are learning about. The most common trait about our attendees is they are there to learn and leave with as many actionable and specific ideas as possible on how to make their marketing more effective. So, whether they are there looking to take their ABM program to the next level or find new inspiration on lead nurturing or the right type of content — you can really see the results happening live.  


Have you seen the B2B Marketing Exchange evolve since its inception? 

Yes, since it was ideas on the back of a napkin and then a whiteboard. The coolest thing is the event has continued to evolve over the past decade as the topics and needs of the community have changed.  


What are you looking forward to for this year’s event? 

I feel like this is honestly the strongest agenda we have ever had. We’ve worked really hard with our speakers to make sure each session is specific to the needs of B2B marketers and provides real-world examples and actionable ideas our attendees can take back to their office. So, all of the things people are reading about like ChatGPT, intent data, multichannel nurturing, sales routing — there are very specific sessions that will provide some new ideas and new inspiration.  



What do you think is in store for the future of the event? 

As the industry continues to focus more on share revenue operations, I’d like to see us get deeper into the funnel and have more content and case studies specific to all roles of the revenue team — from demand generation to SDRs and CROs.   

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