Meet Our 2020 Finny Finalists!

The 2020 FInnys Finalists

We know that the content marketing landscape is more competitive than ever. It’s not just that there’s more content; it’s the fact that a lot of the content is exceptional. It’s relevant, compelling, even creative.   

Our goal for the Killer Content Awards is to spotlight the brands that are creating great content and campaigns. Because behind those brands are teams and individuals who are doing the hard work. They’re putting hours into understanding their audiences on a deeper level, challenging themselves to tell stories in new ways, and amplifying these stories across the channels and networks to which their buyers gravitate. This is our ninth year judging these awards and I can confidently say this was our toughest year yet. 

Today, we’re thrilled to share our 2020 Killer Content Awards finalists, which helm from all different industries and are of varying sizes and statures. Let’s take a moment and give them the props they deserve!  


Account-Based Marketing Campaign

ABM has really come to the forefront over the past year, so we’ve seen brands invest big in getting campaigns, and comprehensive strategies, off the ground. 


Agency & Publisher Partnership

Sometimes you just need a little help to make your campaign idea come to life. These brands tapped agency and publisher partners to help drive their success.  


Audio Content

We saw a surge in brands submitting their podcast series for the awards, so we created an entirely new category! These were the companies that stood out from the pack.  


Buyer-Focused Content

High-performing marketers understand their buyers on a deep level, using audience insights, personas and research to craft their content messaging.  


Cause Marketing

Brands are forging partnerships with charities and other organizations that allow them to better support social and environmental issues.  


Channel Partner Marketing

From campaigns-in-box to content hubs, these brands are making partner marketing and engagement easier than ever.  


Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Progressive marketers know that engagement goes beyond conversion.  


Design Concept & Theme

It’s not just about having a powerful message. You need the creative theme and killer design to match. 


Influencer Campaign

Influencer marketing has come of age. Brands are tapping external experts, partners, clients and peers in new ways to enrich their content.  


Interactive Content

Say goodbye to bells and whistles, and hello to interactive content with a purpose. These finalists will give you something to aspire to.  


Measurable ROI 

Measurable ROI is right. We were blown away by these campaign results.  


Multi-Touch Campaign 

Killer content marketers aren’t afraid to think big. These companies transformed campaign messaging into long-term initiatives that spanned different formats and promotional channels.  


Nurture Campaign 

These brands are reimagining nurture programs to align with new buyer behaviors and expectations.  


Packaged/Bundled Content 

Netflix has taught us a thing or two about content experience. These brands strategized content ideas to ensure they’re connected and bingeable for audiences.  


Research-Based Content 

Research data offers a wealth of content creation opportunities. All of these finalists took a long-term, multichannel approach to research promotion and thought leadership.  


Sales Enablement Content

Businesses don’t just need to engage buyers; they need to empower sales. These companies invested in enablement content that made an impact on sales performance and revenue results.  


Short-Form Content 

You don’t need 2,000 words to tell a great story. These companies used a multitude of different short formats that packed a powerful punch.  


Social Amplification 

Innovative brands are reimagining the social campaign and are taking new approaches to amplification and engagement.  


Video Content 

From talking head videos, to webinars and animated shorts, videos offer marketers a multitude of ways to tell their stories in a concise, even entertaining, way. 

Our official winners will be revealed during the B2B Marketing Exchange in Scottsdale, Arizona. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the content marketing masters in person. 

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