Master The Science Of Outbounding

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As the President of M3 Learning and the author of Outbounding: Win New Customers with Outbound Sales and End Your Dependence on Inbound LeadsSkip Miller believes that sales teams are now order takers and rely too much on inbound leads from marketing.  
But that doesn’t mean he thinks sales and marketing should live in silos. While he believes alignment is a must-have for B2B organizations, he thinks marketing and sales should collaborate on coordinated messaging for users who are “below the line” and high-level executives who are “above the line.”  

“People hate to outbound. Why? Because they fear rejection,” Miller said.

During this episode of the B2BMX Podcast, Skip shares how sales can orchestrate marketing-approved messaging and seamless journey sequences that pique curiosity and inspire action. Listen to this episode and learn how to:  

  • Successfully understand the needs of “below the line” and “above the line” buyers;
  • Balance the power of highly personal interactions and automated activities; and 
  • Refine buyer journeys and outbounding strategies to accelerate the decision-making process. 

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