Marketing’s Impact On Brand Trust

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The primary goal for any business is to build trust and loyalty. But in an increasingly cynical world fueled by misinformation and distrust, B2B organizations have a lot of internal work to do in order to set themselves up for success.  
During this fascinating episode of the B2BMX Podcast, hosts Klaudia Tirico and Alicia Esposito sit down with Margot Bloomstein, a brand and content strategy consultant and author of the new book: Trustworthy: How the Smartest Brands Beat Cynicism and Bridge the Trust Gap 

“Trust has become more transactional,” Margot said. “There’s now a lot more interest in seeing the proof."

Listen in to learn: 

  • The intrinsic and extrinsic factors hurting trust in B2B;  
  • How to apply voice, volume and vulnerability to win over cynics; and 
  • How marketing, design and content teams can better collaborate to tackle B2B’s big trust problem. 

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