Listen Up, Aspiring CMOs!

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Did you know that less than 1% of marketers have a shot at becoming a CMO? In the bustling B2B industry, there’s stiff competition on the way to the top. If you want this highly coveted spot in the executive suite, you need to build and manage key relationships, identify your superpower and answer some tough questions about your goals and vision for your life. 

two-time CMO himself, TerminusSangram Vajre is ready to help you determine whether you’re suited for a CMO spot. And, really, there’s no one better to share advice on this topic than the host of FlipMyFunnel himself (he’s interviewed over 50 CMOs for the pod!). This week’s B2BMX Podcast episode, which is a replay from the B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange online experience, covers it all. 

“If you’re invisible, you’re not going to get hired to be the top dog. It’s just not possible,” Vajre said. “You have to make yourself visible.”

Listen in and learn: 

  • How to determine whether daily tasks match your expertise and passion points; 
  • The top skills to acquire and master; and 
  • What path you need to take to work towards a CMO role. 

If you want to see the visuals to support the sound, check out this session on-demand now. Bonus: You’ll get access to our 50+ other sessions and keynotes for just $49 (that’s less than a dollar per session!). 

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