Lee Odden: “B2B Doesn’t Have To Mean Boring To Boring”

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“Are you not entertained!?” a marketer yells as they watch their email open rates and E-book download numbers continue to decline. A sad truth we all need to face is that as buyers become more and more starved for time, marketers will become just as hungry for engagement, connections and conversions. 

Two major problems plaguing the B2B industry are: 

In the first episode of the B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast, Lee Odden, Co-Founder and CEO of TopRank Marketing, revealed some harrowing stats: 


of buyers don’t trust the companies they buy from.


of CMOs feel they are producing the right content and delivering it at the right time and format

Odden said a way to overcome these obstacles is to put more stock into interactive, influencer content. But that can be easier said than done. That’s why he broke down five best practices for engaging influencers, including examples of how to pitch partnerships and make content sharing as easy as possible. 

List to the podcast to hear how top brands connect with and nurture influencers to create a network of brand fans that can help engage and persuade your buyers. Take a listen!

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